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"DeRosa’s song-like piano score accompanies the voices to good advantage and never overpowers them. She makes a fine impression with her first opera."


"The spookiness comes not so much in any quick surprises but in the horror the audience develops in waiting for the other shoe to drop. It comes in the skill of the writing and the agility and talent of the cast to heighten every moment in this world. Very engaging to watch. A perfect delivered little fable."

                                               -Splash Mag

"While this is composer deRosa’s first opera, her music achieved a high level of sophistication, mood and lyrical riches that complemented the suspenseful storyline nicely and at the same time gave the singers enough material to shine. "

                                         -Living Out Loud, L.A.

"DeRosa shows promise as a composer and is evidently at a very productive time in her creative output."       

                                               -Culture Spot L.A.

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